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Convienence - The Foodys Way!

What happens when you get a call from friends in the middle of a busy working day, saying that they plan to come over to your place in the evening? In all probability, you will ask them to stay over for dinner. Dinner? But who’s gonna cook?

What happens when you’re really really tired and so is your spouse and you have nothing to eat at home? Cook dinner? Do you really want to cook after a hectic day?

What happens when the cook suddenly finds another Granma to die right in the middle of the busy week? Cook yourself? Will you?

What happens when you can’t stand the office cafeteria food anymore and need a break? Do you have the time to go out for a meal at your favourite restaurant in the middle of the working day? You probably don’t!

What happens when you have visitors at your office from out of town and you’d like to have working lunch at your board room? Don’t you want your favourite fine dining restaurant food to be served at your office? We’re sure you would!

At work or at leisure, we deliver your favourite food at your doorstep. FOODY’S is a full service food delivery service that not only takes your order but ensures delivery of the food through a committed team of delivery boys. Started in 2011, FOODY’S has over the last 33 months delivered over 1,00,000 meals of choice to happy and satisfied customers across Hyderabad.

Our strengths are many. Technology automates most of our operations making your experience with us simpler and more satisfying. Our partner restaurants rank among the best, not just in Hyderabad, but are ‘must stops’ even for tourists. Our multi-lingual call center executives are able to guide you through the labyrinth of menus and options. A team of pleasant and well spoken delivery executives ensure timely delivery of your order.

Service first. That’s FOODY’S for you. Bon Apetit!

Feature rich for your convienence

+ 100 Premium Restaurants

We know your palate well! And that is why we offer you the best of the best. Period. Every restaurant that we partner with has proven it’s flavours and gourmet qualities to you. In fact, we’re the only service that has a stringent restaurant onboarding process and we’re not shy to refuse a restaurant partner if we think it does not meet your standards. As we say again and again, for us it’s you FIRST!

+1000s of gourmet items

Each of our partner restaurants believes in offering their specialties in mouth watering offerings. Each item carefully selected after having gone through a vigorous tasting and vetting process. The result – whatever we offer, and there are thousands of items, are special. Just like you!


When you’re hungry, you’re hungry! And we ensure that we meet your hunger pangs through a dedicated team of trained, well mannered delivery executives who will ring your doorbell within 45 minutes of you placing an order. That’s our SERVICE FIRST policy. For every order, every day.

Mobile support

Thousands of our customers are doing it with 3 clicks! Ordering from us is a simple 3 step process through our mobile App. Download FOODYS APP from GOOGLE Playstore now!

Cash payment

Pay us as you like. Cash is never refused! Indicate your preference of payment when you order, and if it’s cash, you can pay it to our delivery executive.

Secure card payment

Your security is our priority. Our online payment option takes you to a secure and speedy payment gateway. Be assured that your data is safe with us. For us, CUSTOMER COMFORT always ranks FIRST!

Content to make you salivate!

We know you love food. Love talking about food, love seeing food, love watching recipes, love sharing it with your friends! And we love that you love food. Too much of love???

Watch out for our new Food Content section, coming to you soon.